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DJTunes added to House Music Search

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

DJ tunes logo

DJ Tunes has now been added to House Music Search to give even greater coverage of the house music spectrum.

DJTUNES provides high quality MP3 Downloads from all Dance Music Genres.

Try House Music Search today, it couldn’t be easier if you hear a House Music tune on the radio or see it it on a DJ play-list simple type it into our search form and press search and it will search all the major House Music download stores in one go. Unlike standard search engines it will only give you House Music related results.

Remember to check the differen’t search methods on the House Music Search HELP PAGE

Bandcamp added to House Music Search

Monday, May 30th, 2011

Bandcamp now on House Music Search + House Music Search logo

Bandcamp has been added to our House Music Search (but only tunes that have the tag “House” )

Bandcamp is a unique way for artists to sell their music basically the artist can upload their own tracks and their own logos and sell direct without the need to win a label contract or go through a digital distributor. Ideal for the new band who doesn’t have a record deal working with a limited  budget.

Bandcamp is free to set-up and add tracks and bandcamp take a percentage from each track sold and the artist is responsible for paying their own taxes etc. Artists can link to their tracks for sale on their own blogs and websites. More info at BandCamp FAQ’s

DJ’s and music collectors can search bandcamp site by Genre tags or by location (and now of course tracks tagged with house can be found via )