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May 15th, 2011

House Music Search

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Now you can search all the top House Music download sites in one single search and because its only searching those websites you wont get any non music related results that you would get in the likes of google etc.

Free-form search, search by artist, title, label, producer or re-mixer etc. You can use standard google search methods such as adding a + in front of any words that must appear in the results e.g. +remix if you want the remix you can also use speech marks so that a whole string is searched e.g. “Louie Vega” to ensure their searched together and wont find results for just Louie or Vega. check the House Music HELP PAGE for more information.

House Music Search finds House music from the following House Music Download Stores:-
Traxsource house music store Beatport house music store Stompy house music store Juno house music store Dance Tracks Digital house music store
Afrodesia house music store Djdownload house music store Track it Down house music store Earth Shaker house music store ZR Records house music store
Tony Records house music store Vega Records house music store Defected Records house music store

This service is total free, please help us spread the word by clicking the facebook Like  buttons and facebook share and tweet to twitter.

Happy Searching…



3 Responses to “Welcome to House Music Search”

  1. pressuremamagjd says:

    Oh Yeah !

  2. Captain says:

    @ Gene Leone bandcamp added (as long as its tagged “house” on there it should now apear in the search (please try it)


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