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Advice on searching for House Music

About uses the world’s most powerful search system, “the Google engine” – a free-form search where you can type basically anything in the search box and it will search the online house music download stores for that WORD or GROUP of WORDS.
By ONLY searching House Music Download Stores the House Music Search website greatly increases your chances of finding the song or artists your looking for.  Especially if your searching a “common word” e.g. if you were searching BOMB in standard search engine it will find articles and stories about real bombs (the explosive kind!) but if you search BOMB on House Music Search it will find “The Bucket heads – The Bomb” and other tracks with BOMB in the title, without all the other non-music related results.

Double Quotes  ” “

To be more specific in your searches you can place what you’re searching for in DOUBLE QUOTES (Speech marks) ” “
e.g. if you just put Kerri Chandler in the search it would search for anything with Kerri so you will get other artists with the name Kerri or Chandler so you might get Kerri Smith or John Chandler in your results. To avoid this use DOUBLE QUOTES ” ” e.g. “Kerri Chandler” it will then search the download stores for anything with exactly “Kerri Chandler”. However it wouldn’t find “Kerri Kaoz 6.23 Chandler” to find that you would put that in double quotes in the search “Kerri Kaoz 6.23 Chandler”

example House music Search using double quotes

The Plus Symbol  +

Using the + (plus symbol) tels the search that words with a + before them MUST be appear in the search results.
So if you search “Masters At Work” +Remix it will search everything with “Masters At Work” but only searches entries that also have Remix in the results. You could use +Louie +Vega +remix and that would search for anything that has those three words in the results.

House Music Search using Double Quotes and Plus Symbol

Using an Asterisk  *  (star symbol)

This is used to “fill in the blanks” and is sometimes called a wildcard. This is very usefull if you know some of the information you’re searching for. lets say you know part of a house music track titled for example, you knew Love Can’t “unkown word” Around you would use * to fill in the word you don’t know or cant remember e.g. Love Can’t*Around you can use it with Double quotes “Love Can’t*Around” for better results.
House music Search using asterisk star symbol as a wildcard image

House music Search using asterisk star symbol as a wildcard

Futher Help on special search methods that can be used on the House Music Search Website further search methods

Download Stores

What download stores does House Music Search  website search?
Traxsource, Beatport, Juno records, DJ Download, Dancetracks Digital Stompy, Earthshaker, Stompy, Afrodesia, and Amazon.
Plus the following house Music record labels that sell music direct :-
Defected, Vega Records, Tony Records, ZR Records
If you you know of any other quality online house music stores or House Music labels that sell direct then please let us know and we can add those to our search.
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