About House Music Search

To help House Music DJs and collectors more easily find the tracks and artists they are searching for without tons of non-house music related answers in the results. It achieves this by only searching specialist online House Music stores.

www.HouseMusicSearch.com uses the worlds most powerful search system, “the Google engine” – a free-form search so you can type basically anything in the search box and it will search the online house music download stores for that WORD or GROUP of WORDS.

By ONLY searching House Music Download Stores the House Music Search website greatly increases your chances of finding the song or artists you’re looking for.

House Music Search really helps if your searching a song with “a common word” e.g. if you were searching BOMB in standard search engine it will find articles and stories about real bombs (of the explosive kind) but if you search BOMB on House Music Search it will find “The Bucket heads – The Bomb” and other tracks with BOMB in the title, without all the other non music related results.


House Music Search uses the Google engine we do NOT retain any of the search information or have the means to know what you’re searching.
House Music Search only searches legitimate download sources. We do NOT condone illegal downloads of any kind. We strongly believe in supporting artists, record labels, digital distributors, and legal download stores so they continue to deliver great house music.
Any login account information or mailing list is NEVER passed to a third party and is solely for the use of keeping you informed about House Music Search activities.

For more info see the House Music Seach Help Page